Sue – Anaheim & Orange, CA

Traveling a difficult road alone is an insurmountable task. When there are people who extend a hand when you have fallen, the road becomes a little less daunting. Even though the road remains the same, it is not as frightening. Nate Morrissey and his company, Blue Sky Estate Services, along with all the people he put me in touch with, was our family’s lifesaver.

No matter what time of day or night, Nate was available to assure me that we would get through the sad and difficult times together. In this day and age of people not caring, I must say I was so grateful that there was someone who genuinely meant what he said. There was never a task that was too monumental or inconsequential for him. Nate’s follow-up spoke volumes of how much he cared.

Our journey began in November of 2014 when our 89 year-old dad was admitted to the hospital and never came home. He died on February 21, 2015. Caregiving became around-the-clock lifestyle. Through the organization, Caregiver’s Resource (Fullerton, CA), I was referred to Linda Armas, CSA, President of Clear Choice Senior Services, who ultimately referred me to Nate Morrissey and Blue Sky Estate Services.

I will admit that I was overwhelmed and exhausted by all of the tasks that had to be done- when someone dies-selling my house, selling my parents’ house, liquidating both houses and all additional tasks. Nate personally met with us-on our time schedule, not his schedule. Nate understood what we needed and what needed to be done before I did. With every move from referring us to the best real estate agent Kim to the liquidation company, to having the house cleaned, Nate held my hand. Once the house was listed with Kim, the house sold within weeks and for a fair price. The liquidation company was most professional, helping us to liquidate the valuables and to donate the items that did not sell.

There are not enough words to thank Nate for all that he has done to help our family during a time of sorrow and difficulty. He is one of the most genuine and compassionate persons that I know. Nate, please know from the bottom of our hearts we are grateful for you and your kindness to our family. Never doubt that Nate comes to you from a caring and loving heart.

From Sue’s initial call, it was clear that she had too much happening at once. Sue was dealing with two homes that needed to be liquidated. Dealing with two homes at the same time, caring for her mother, and working full time created its challenges. It was a pleasure to help Sue see the light and for her to know she did not have to go at this alone. We quickly coordinated everything that was needed and got all of the team in place to take action. It wasn’t too long before Sue could see the true progress and understand we had this handled.

– Nate Morrissey

Larry – Orange, CA

From the very first email I sent you seeking your services after being referred to you by Cyndy and Kari, Nate was the answer to a difficult problem at a time when one is already challenged by either grief or worry. We are grateful that we were not grieving for a lost loved one when Nate entered our lives, but we were facing the difficult challenge of moving a beloved elder from her home to a new place 400 miles to the north. At 94, her situation was becoming unmanageable on her own. Once I was able to move my mother from Southern California to her new home up north, I was left with her home and 50 years of belongings. I was at my wit’s end thinking of how we could do this job from 400 miles away, while caring for her where we live.

Nate was the answer. I am so grateful that my wife and I found him. My deceased father and I were both pilots, as is Nate, and I appreciate a man who has a mission and a strategy. Nate has chosen a benevolent mission that is sorely needed by the aging boomers of my generation, He introduced us to top-flight packers, shippers, and cleaners who were all responsive, punctual, and completely professional in their services to us at this critical time. And to cap it off, he introduced us to an extremely capable real estate agent to sell my mother’s home. She found a wonderful young family and their daughter’s grandmother to take custody of my mother’s home. I showed my mother their picture, and she was so happy to know that a little 3-year-old girl would be growing up in her former home and beloved neighborhood.

I expected all of this to take us at least 6-9 months. But Nate and his superb crew accomplished it in 2 months. What a relief! Now, I can care for my mother without worrying about her house miles away. My mother is happy and my wife and I are happy, thanks to Nate. We are deeply grateful.

Helping Larry and his family was truly special for me as Larry and his father were both pilots. Larry’s wife reached out to us while at his parents’ home and was only going to be in town for a few days. They needed help selling the home, its contents, and shipping items to multiple addresses. We were able to have the Realtor, shipping company, and buyout company all meet with them within two days after their first call to us. Larry and his wife were able to head home and breathe a sigh of relief knowing all was taken care of. Larry’s father was a pilot in WWII and had his dress blues for the time he spent in the United States Marine Corps. I assisted the family in donating his uniform to an Air Museum where his uniform and name are proudly displayed.

– Nate Morrissey

Tal – Malibu, CA

After a family tragedy of my father passing away with many other complications and both me and my brother being out of the country at the time and my mother being alone in California, I flew to California to work out the details of the estate and comfort my mother.  The job and issues were overwhelming and after a week I started to search for a wedding planner type person to help handle the affairs as I realized that the family needed help.  I came across Nate and Blue Sky Estate Services in my Internet search and in my first conversation with Nate he described himself as the equivalent of a wedding planner, but for this type of issue.   Hearing that was the first good sign, as that was exactly what I was trying to find.  I can only say that in dealing with Nate everything got better from there.

He came to visit the house and met with me and my mother the next day.  He was able to put my mother’s mind at ease that there was a way to get through all the issues we had to deal with and that we could have a game plan and execute with someone who had the expertise and contacts to make sure things went as smooth as possible.  This was truly priceless as Nate was able to place some tranquility into a very chaotic environment.  We were planning on selling the house and moving my mother out of the country, so we needed to get a Real Estate Agent.

Nate set us up with a top Real Estate Agent in Southern CA that he worked with. Really, I’ll just let the result speak for itself as once the house was put on the market it was sold within a couple of weeks for top dollar.

Nate helped with every aspect we requested, including the organization of preparing the house, selling items and cleaning the house as well as even helping to ship personal items out of the country.  There were some unique circumstances that came up, but Nate was always willing to help with them.

I really cannot say enough good things about Nate.  He did a fantastic job and was willing to go way above and beyond what anyone could possibly expect.  He is as trustworthy a person as I have come across.  Not only did he do a fantastic job for us, but I would also say he is truly a good person that does care, and that is the biggest compliment I can give.  I and my family thank Nate from the bottom of our hearts for helping us through this most difficult time.

From the first meeting with Tal and his mother, I knew what they needed. His mother needed someone like her sons that would help her and comfort her. Since Tal and his brother lived out of the country, I would be the one she would call first. I earned the family’s trust and it didn’t take long for the family to know we have their mother’s best interest at heart. We wanted her to be able to grieve and let us worry about the details so she could plan for the next step of her life which was moving back with her son and grandchildren. The best part of the services we offer is being able to help strangers like you that are hopefully reading these testimonies. All of these people were strangers that became friends quickly. Feel free to contact us if you would like to contact the families in these testimonies.

– Nate Morrissey

Kim and Louis Keene – Cerritos, CA

In November of 2013, my 88 year old Mother passed away after an acute illness. My Mom lived in Cerritos, CA, but my husband and I had been living in Nashville, Tennessee for many years. Luckily I had flown out there and got to be with her before she passed. But after her passing, I was not only grieving but wondering how in the world I would deal with settling her estate such as selling her home and taking care of all the legal challenges that go with it, since I live a couple thousand miles away.

Luckily my husband had been doing some browsing on the internet and found Nate’s company, Blue Sky Estate Services. My husband made the call for me, and within a couple hours, Nate arrived at Mom’s home. He sat and talked with us and made us feel so much better, as he knew just what to do to help us, and since he has many wonderful people he works with, he had things moving to help us right away. He got me in touch with a estate sale company that takes care of cleaning out the house and hosting an estate sale, and a nice Trust Attorney, and a wonderful real estate agent who got me multiple offers on the home in no time at all. These wonderful people basically took over to help us, and made things so much easier on us during this very difficult time.

If all that wasn’t enough, Nate knew we were alone on Thanksgiving Day, with no family around to spend the holiday with, and even came over to the house and brought us both a very nice Thanksgiving Dinner from Marie Calendars. With Nate’s help, and all the wonderful people he works with, we were able to get everything done, and go back home to Nashville.

I would highly recommend Nate’s Company, Blue Sky Estate Services, to anyone who needs help after a loved one passes away. His services are especially wonderful if you live a long distance away and find yourself having to deal with everything after the death of a loved one. Even if you live in the area, he knows just the right people to call in and help you who are not only reputable, trustworthy people, but very nice as well. Nate and all his people he works with were Angels sent to us to help us during such a difficult time.

Kim and Louis reached out to us two days after her mother passed away. It was the Sunday morning before Thanksgiving. We met a couple of hours later. Within the next few days, the family would have to figure out how to sell the home, clean out and sell the homes contents, find an estate attorney, have the service for her mom, then head home to care for their farm. It is a lot for anyone to handle when dealing with a loss. It’s especially difficult for most people to handle within a week. We were able to accommodate the family with every need ensuring they would not have to come out again. We had all service providers meet the next day and the plan was in motion. Kim and Louis, I look forward to the open invitation of visiting on the farm next time I am in the area.

– Nate Morrissey

Ted and Kathy Smith – Brea, CA

In late September my wife’s mother Nancy became seriously ill and was admitted to the hospital. Living over 800 miles away, we immediately made arrangements for our children and, not knowing what to expect, made the drive to be with her. Her condition dete riorated rapidly and by the end of the week we were making arrangements through Hospice of California for Nancy to spend her last hours in Helena House. It was in this wonderful private care home where Nancy passed with the professional and loving attention of those who work there.

During that time, our hospice representative referred us to Nate with Blue Sky Estate Services.  Our situation wasn’t rare but was difficult. No will that we knew of, a house and lot in need of serious attention, 800 miles from home and no idea where to begin.  Within 24 hours of contacting Nate we were in a meeting with a wonderful real estate agent who, even after seeing the house and lot, assured us she could find a buyer who could see the value of the property. She was also able to get us a face to face meeting with a probate attorney a couple of days later before we had to return home.  Through these relationships we were able to prepare the house for market, find a potential buyer for more than expected and begin working through the probate process.

Nate and those he has referred us to have been of the highest professional caliber.  They are always available to answer a question and if they don’t have an answer will find out and respond quickly.  The most valuable thing, though, is that Nate and those he networks with really care about the people they serve.  Relationships matter at Blue Sky.

Ted contacted us the day after his mother in law had passed away on a Sunday evening. Ted and Kathy live out of state and his mother in law’s home was in Brea, CA. They could only be in Orange County for a few more days and needed help in selling  the home, finding a probate attorney, and coming up with a plan for the contents in the home. We put them at ease telling them we can handle all of this for them and we were available to meet first thing the next day. The next day we had a Realtor meet with them and start the process of preparing the home for sale, which would have to go through the probate process. Ted and Kathy were a pleasure to work with. We still keep in touch with Ted and always look forward to his texts or emails thanking us again for all the help. Thanks again Ted for letting us help your family. 

– Nate Morrissey

Stephanie – Laguna Woods, CA

From the very first email I sent you seeking your services after being referred to you by Cyndy and Kari, you have been nothing but accommodating, full of concern, incredibly helpful and very knowledgeable about your business. Being so far away, the task of packing, shipping, and disposing of unwanted items felt daunting until you stepped in and “saved the day”. Honestly, I could not believe how much you did to help me get back on the plane and not worry. And of course there was my grandmother’s bowl, which you treated like your own grandmothers, and made sure the bowl and I both made it on the plane. For that I will be forever grateful. Your services were just what I needed to get my mom’s house in order and ready for rental.  The fact that you donated all the items we could no longer use just made it that much easier to part with things. It was nice to know that maybe someone else could use some of the things. I do not think there is one thing that you could do to improve your service. It was perfect!

Stephanie contacted me after her mother passed away in Laguna Woods, CA. She lives in Kenmore, NY and needed help dispersing of her mother’s possessions to get the home ready to rent. Stephanie was only going to be out here for a few days and was hoping to make only one trip. We were able to help her clean out the home and donate all of the unwanted possessions. We arranged for a shipping company to pick up and pack a few items and valuables and deliver them to Stephanie and her niece at two different locations in New York. When going through her mother’s items, I asked the question “What here is irreplaceable?” Stephanie told me her mother’s glass bowl. I said “you have to take that home on the plane with you then”. Her concerns were not being able to get through TSA with it. I contacted the Operations Manager for the TSA at Orange County Airport and he told me it shouldn’t be a problem. As a back up, I told her I would be on standby so if she could not take it on the plane, I would come and pick it up from her at the airport. There were no problems going through security and she sent me a nice email when she got home saying the bowl was in one piece.

– Nate Morrissey

Brian – Huntigton Beach, CA

THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU, for making this move happen for Mom and the incredible relief you allowed for the rest of us. Saying “Thank you” is inadequate and cannot possibly convey the level of gratitude and appreciation we have for you. Mom felt extremely well cared for and enjoyed having you all around this past week, too. What a blessing you’ve been to us all. Please be sure to thank everyone on your end for all of the excellent work that you’ve done for Sally. We couldn’t be more pleased with how things worked out, clearly, you were divinely appointed to do this transition and we couldn’t be more grateful.

Brian contacted us to help his mom move who was downsizing to a new home in Tustin, CA. His mom had sold her house and he needed someone to manage the move for her since he lived in Northern California. We were able to save Brian time and money by not having to commute down only for the weekends in preparation for the move.

– Nate Morrissey

Linda – Laguna Beach, CA

Nate, you were invaluable in helping me to get through the sale of my dad’s house and (especially) the contents of it. Your recommendation of Tom was fortunate for me, and he and his group got the job done, for which I am grateful. You are the kind of person who gets things done. Thank you for all of your thoughtful calls and your help.

Linda contacted us after her dad passed away in Laguna Beach, CA. She is from North Carolina and was waiting for the house to sell before removing the furniture and its contents. Linda called us with a time frame of two weeks. We were able to coordinate an estate sale for her, maximize her profits, and minimize the headache. 

– Nate Morrissey

Astrid – Newport Beach, CA

I wanted to thank you for your help and you’ve been especially kind to someone you don’t even know! Fred and his team were great and made an “awful” experience really pleasant. Thank you again for putting me in touch with him.

Astrid called us in a pinch to sell off as many items as possible when she had 2 ½ weeks before the sale of her house was finalized. Another dilemma was her home was located in a gated community that would not allow estate sales. We were able to coordinate a more private estate sale by having a few “guests” come by over a few days which enabled the sale to be a success. 

– Nate Morrissey