It’s hard to make a move or a change when you’ve lived in the same home for 35, 40 or even 50 years.  A home holds all the energy of a family’s triumphs and disappointments, not to mention a lifetime of possessions.  It’s where children were raised and grandchildren come to visit and veering from this safety and familiarity is a physical, tangible announcement that ‘an era has come to an end’. Many times is not just difficult, it’s downright impossible to assist our parents or loved ones in making the downshift to a smaller and/or more efficient living environment, whether it be a smaller apartment or condo, or an assisted living environment. That’s because moving is traumatic, especially when you’ve collected decades of memories and stuff.  In fact, more often than not, the thought of moving — trying to figure out where to start — leaves many “paralyzed,” putting off moving or even creating a plan until the move becomes much more of a problem than it really has to be.   Keep in mind, services like Blue Sky offer free help at this critical time, and there is never any harm or shame in reaching out for that much needed help. While each person or couple reacts differently to moving, it is without a doubt one of the hardest things a person faces in their lives, in essence, it is a form of loss or ending to everything they have always known. In the home downsizing and the senior moving process, it is important to remind your loved one or the person that you are assisting that it’s the MEMORIES that last forever, and not the things.  What may compound their stress even more is the thought of a loss of independence if they are to be moving into an assisted living environment.  Again, a gentle reminder that life is about the journey, being in the moment and not about the things, for memories are more valuable.  If you loved one fears losing some of those precious memories, let them know that you and others will hold those memories for them. And guess what?  Moving to a smaller space can actually expand ones independence because it relieves them of all the stuff that ‘owns’ them.  It frees them up both mentally and physically to enjoy life.  Home downsizing is like losing weight.  When you lose weight, you gain years of life, energy and independence.  There’s no negative in losing weight.  And the reality is, there’s no negative in home downsizing to improve one’s quality of life. So why do you need to take advantage of a free senior moving service like Blue Sky? If your loved one hasn’t moved in 20, 30 or 40 years and if you try to take the move on yourself, if you have no plan, if you are surrounded by 150 boxes, you are going to make the event a negative experience for everyone.  You really will feel paralyzed, worn out, you may even get sick.  When you are not pro-active about your move, when you wait, try to hold your own garage sale or donate items on your own, when there is no professional plan, senior moving trauma can be very real not just for the senior, but the family member (you) assisting with the move.  You may have disposed of things that could have given you a little income, easing the sting of getting rid of things. Don’t go it alone: Ask for assistance from a professional.  Our phone number is (714) 913-6033.  You can look around our website and blog for more valuable information:  We will hold your hand through this process.