Estate Sales

Liquidating a home after the loss of a loved one or planning a move for an elderly parent is a time-consuming and emotionally difficult job. Home, furniture, documents, and a lifetime of possessions must be dealt with. Loved ones often have questions such as:

  • How will I clear out all of this stuff?
  • Can I sell any of this?
  • Should I try to have my own estate sale?
  • Are there companies that could do this for me?

Luckily, just one phone call to Blue Sky Estate Services will get you the help you need. We’ll be your on-site advisor, freeing up your time for family, work, and life.

What Is An Estate Sale?

An estate sale is a sale conducted at your home to sell all of the contents inside it. This will include everything in the house from clothes, furniture and household goods, to cars, patio furniture, and garage items. Estate sale professionals will go through all of your possessions, estimate their value, then arrange, display, and price everything that will go into the sale. Furthermore, they will absorb the expense of managing the actual sale itself including difficult tasks like crowd control, security, and marketing. The company works off a percentage of the items sold and your home is completely cleared out at the end of the sale.

A common misconception when people use the term estate sale is there must be items of high value involved in the sale. The average home has a lifetime of accumulation of what most people will call “stuff.” We always recommend not throwing out or selling anything until we have had a chance to assist. The assessment of your loved one’s items can make a difference in how much you are able to recover from the sale of the estate assets. Your loved one’s possessions do not have to be of high value in order to have a professional estate sale from which you can profit and, at the same time, have the whole home cleared out.

What If Our Home Doesn’t Have Any Items Of Great Value?

If there are not enough items for a traditional estate sale, there are other options available. We can coordinate with companies that offer “buyouts” in which a company makes an offer to you that includes buying and removing all of the items. We also work with various charities to assist in the removal of household items.

We can also provide “clear out” services in which a company comes in and removes all items of no value, donating anything acceptable to charities. This still provides a tax benefit that can exceed the cost of the clear out.

Why Should I Utilize Blue Sky Estate Services?

We get the job done and we do it fast. Along with our dedication to the best customer service, Blue Sky Estate Services is proud to be members of the American Society of Estate Liquidators and to be a fully accredited Certified Relocation and Transition Specialist. We have an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau and we serve families in Orange County, California, and the surrounding areas. We are licensed, bonded and insured and have successfully completed background checks. We are truly passionate about helping those who have lost a loved one as well as those who must move a senior relative or experience some other life event that necessitates the cleanout of a home. We are here to help you when you face a very difficult time in life. Please reach out to us and let us show you how we can help you.

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Great Reviews by Great People!

Barbara R.

Nate was a lifesaver for me, as well as my family. As a co-trustee for our parent’s estate, I was tasked with the clean out of their home….a 5 bedroom, 3 bath, 3 car garage, where they had resided for over 50 years. Their home was filled with treasures, collectibles and junk, some of which had never been unpacked since we moved to CA in 1960. Nate connected me with a clean out company, an estate liquidation specialist, and a realtor. And, of great importance, he connected us with Kim, a realtor who specializes in selling homes that need updating but are selling more in the ‘as is’ condition! As I reflect on this chapter in our family’s life, I don’t know what we would have done without his help! I recommend Nate (and the people he connects you with) without any reservation… can’t go wrong!

Michael S.

I can not say enough great things about Nate at Blue Sky Estate Services. We were dealing with the sudden death of a family member and we were completely overwhelmed with all of the details that had to be taken care of in a short period of time. We did not live in the area, so we decided to search the internet for estate services. Calling Nate was the best decision we could have made, and saved us weeks and weeks of work and yet cost us absolutely nothing. He referred us to a fantastic realtor, movers, contractors and assisted us every step of the way. He saved us money and time but also he gave me a peace of mind as he helped us come up with a plan of action. Thank you Nate for everything!

Dennis D.

Nate at Blue Sky Estate Services was really great in helping me with my mom’s house! I’m highly recommend him for your estate needs.

Beth B.

Nate is a tremendous resource. He was generous with his time and shared so much knowledge with how to go about doing the estate for my parents home.

Mark T.

I contacted Nate Morrissey to see about finishing up clearing out my dad’s Anaheim house now that he’s in assisted living. He provided invaluable information about folks who would help both for donations of large items and for complete clearing of miscellaneous items. Highly recommended!

Elizabeth S.

Do you hear angels singing!? No, it’s Nate Morrissey replying to a call or email! Mr. Morrissey’s knowledge and compassionate nature pertaining to estate services is phenomenal!

Jason L.

Nate, at Blue Sky Estate Services, is the man. I was having trouble finding someone to help clean out my roommate’s mother’s town home, after having her moved to elder care. He referred me to someone, who was able to schedule a clean out. The clean out service was free, which helped out my roomy and his mom greatly!

Melanie K.

Nate was VERY helpful to connect me with the resources I need to help ease the load of dispersing our estate!

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