Downsizing and Home Content Removal Don’t Have to Send You to Therapy (Unless you want therapy!)

When someone calls us for a home liquidation, it is usually because they have a very good idea about the enormous task ahead, or have already tried to pull the proverbial straw from the haystack alone… and are feeling overwhelmed. This haystack, is, of course, the home left behind by a loved one and all of the possessions inside, possibly including vehicles, RVs, storage sheds and garages, attics, boxes of financial paperwork (or just random stacks!), bills, insurance, investments, photographs, collections, maybe even a pet or two.  Do you feel slightly overwhelmed reading this?  Is there going to be a downsizing or home content reduction/removal/disposal in your future? The first and number one thing we tell each person who calls us is:  DON’T TOUCH ANYTHING. The obvious reaction in this situation is, of course, most of us want to just start somewhere, anywhere, by tossing or donating a box or pile here and there.  THIS IS AN EMOTIONAL RESPONSE to a very emotional situation which is completely normal for home liquidations.  Stepping back, and allowing professionals to help you sort through the important items and figure out a disposal system for the rest, whether it be donation, finding new homes, or hosting an estate sale is going to save you from the cost of taking time off work, sleepless nights, burning the candle at both ends and possibly, from seeking therapy from the overwhelm.  This is not to say therapy is a bad thing, and in many cases, we recommend personal therapy for those who are struggling to move forward from grief and loss. By allowing an experienced team to help with content removal and liquidation, putting together an estate sale and or finding charitable organizations that will accept your loved one’s treasured possessions, you have handed the ball of stress and overwhelm to someone who does not have the same emotional attachment, can view the situation from a realistic point of view, hold your hand and help you work through all the “stuff”. Many folks would be surprised to learn that the cost of hiring professionals to handle the downsizing or home clearing is nominal and also profit bearing as opposed to trying to rent trucks, drive to donation centers, rent storage facilities and hold their own garage sales. The sad truth is that trying to do it all yourself is not going to save you money. Blue Sky Estate Services is FREE to the caller, and we will put you in touch with the resources that you need to clear out a home or apartment and get it ready for sale.  We have relationships with professionals in all aspects of the process, and genuinely want to help you through this emotional and overwhelming period in your life. If you are ready for FREE guidance, or know someone who is, give us at Blue Sky Estate Services a call at (714) 913-6033.  We look forward to speaking with you about your own very personal and specific needs.  We’ll hold your hand through the process.