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Have a Downsize Agent help you move, clear out, clean & have your home on the market in 2-4 weeks.

A Blue Sky recommended agent will handle everything for you!

You have decided to downsize
are helping a parent in the process.

The Problem? You have no idea how or where to start. Dealing with a home full of items, moving, and doing everything by yourself is just TOO MUCH!

At this point, you may ask yourself these questions:

Now if these problems and questions sound a little close to home,
you are probably in need of some guidance.

Now if these problems and questions sound a little close to home, you are probably in need of some guidance.

Get Started with the Savvy Seller Downsizing System

I want you to picture this...

Imagine being able to QUICKLY & EFFORTLESSLY get all the help and resources you need. Imagine relieving all the stress and anxiety of this situation. Sound too good to be true? It’s NOT!



Your one-stop connection for
real estate downsizing & moving.

Our proven system has helped thousands of overwhelmed families get the help and information they need FAST. We connect you with a highly experienced real estate agent that specializes in downsizing. They can help you move, sell, sort, and save WITHOUT CHARGING EXTRA!

How the Savvy Seller
Downsize System

Step 1 - FREE Blue Sky Phone Consultation & Agent Introduction

Share with us your situation, and we sort out the rest!

Next, we connect you with a downsize real estate agent that will provide you with:

Step 2 - Find Your New Home & Move

Your agent will help you move with ease & find your ideal home (if needed).

Step 3 - Sort & Sell Your Things

Your agent will coordinate selling & removing of home items.

TOP TIP: Do not remove any items from home until the first meeting. Not only will you avoid unnecessary stress, but also increase your chances of having a successful estate sale.

Step 4 - Detailed Home Sale Prep

To add value, your agent will oversee minor repairs & improvements.

Step 5 - Marketing & Sale of the Home

Your agent will sell the home fast using an extensive marketing plan.

Our system has helped over 3,000 families get
the help they need WITHOUT LIFTING A FINGER!

Our system has helped over 3,000 families get the help they need WITHOUT LIFTING A FINGER!

Get Started with the Savvy Seller Downsizing System

Read a few of our
30 + 5 Star Yelp Reviews

THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU for making this move happen for Mom. You provided incredible relief you for the rest of us. Saying “Thank you” cannot possibly [express] the level of gratitude and appreciation we have for you. Mom felt extremely well cared for and enjoyed having you all around. What a blessing you’ve been to us all. Please be sure to thank everyone on your end for all the excellent work that you’ve done for Sally. We couldn’t be more pleased with how things worked out. You were divinely appointed to do this transition and we couldn’t be more grateful.
~ Brian S

I’m so glad I called Nate at Blue Sky Estate Services. He suggested an amazing realtor who worked hard for us. She was amazing and handled everything for us. The great estate sale company worked with our schedule. The agent gave suggestions on people to do a small repair jobs and oversaw everything. There were just a few items that needed to be done before selling the house. Nate started by explaining the process to my 94-year-old mother and me. Within days we met with the recommended agent and work began immediately. His knowledge and expertise made a very stressful time much easier to deal with. So thank you Nate! I'm so glad you are there helping people with your kindness and years of experience.
~ Leslie D

I found Nate's service online while assisting my mother. She was moving out of the country and it was the ultimate downsize. All of the providers were excellent. We were dealing with a very difficult international shipping issue. They really went above and beyond on the service level to get everything sorted out. What Nate gives you is hands-on PERSONAL service and follow- through. This seems to be so rare these days. For relocation of older parents, his service is very good, and highly recommended.
~ Pamela M

I am considering the possibility of downsizing my belongings and relocating. Having given this proposition considerable thought, I began to recognize the complications. This is such a large undertaking and I began my research. My continued analysis informed me that I would need outside help. Fortunately, I began my search for clarity by calling Blue Sky Estate Services. I was able to immediately speak with the owner, Nate. In short order, I realized that I was talking to someone with a wealth of knowledge. He brought up a variety of relevant topics about my particular needs. More importantly, he was his willing to share information. His sincerity in wanting to assist in providing helpful options. Nate raised issues I had not considered. He then offered suggestions relating to time-effective planning strategies and chronology of choices. It was time well spent. I enjoyed Nate's open spirit and it is my pleasure to offer this review which I hasten to say was unsolicited.
~ Rosemarie M

Hello. My name is Nate Morrissey...

Since 2008, I have helped over 3,000 families in the same situation you are in. I was a professional pilot who actively volunteered for various non-profits. During this time, I was caring for my grandparents when they needed to move. The term “downsize” was relatively new and I quickly realized how complicated it was:

Doing everything by myself was so overwhelming and time-consuming. I knew there had to be a better way. In 2008, I started Blue Sky Estate Services coordinating all essential services at no cost to families.

How the Savvy Seller Downsize System was born.

Most of the families calling were selling a home and their agent didn’t have the resources for moving and handling the home’s items.

That led me to create a professional designation course for agents called Residential Items Solution Expert - RISE. This gave agents all the information and tools needed to better serve their clients when downsizing.

Through our 15 years of experience, serving thousands, helping hundreds of agents, it made sense to refer families to agents that could handle everything for them. The result? A super-agent that handles much more than the sale of the home at no additional cost!

Get Started with the Savvy Seller Downsizing System

Images showing a typical home
Before & After
calling Blue Sky...

Why use a Blue Sky recommended
Downsize Agent?

Reason #1

This overwhelming process becomes simplified very quickly. Your search for help and information can stop. No more worrying about the process and all the logistics. Your agent and their team will be your advisor helping you every step of the way.

Reason #2

We only recommend full time agents with at least 15 years of full time experience. Everyone has a friend or neighbor who holds a real estate license and “dabbles” in it. This is most likely the largest financial transaction of your life. Experience counts and can make the difference in tens of thousands of dollars compared to part time agents that do a handful of transactions a year.

One of our recommended agents was literally the #1 home selling agent in the nation for Re/Max (#3 in the world).

Get in touch today to see how we can help you move and sell. I promise, a few minutes on the phone will save you time, money, & sanity. Best of all, the call is FREE.

Get in touch today to see how we can help you move and sell.
I promise, a few minutes on the phone will save you time, money, & sanity.
Best of all, the call is FREE.

Get Started with the Savvy Seller Downsizing System

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Frequently asked questions...

Immediately. You will be pleased how much you will learn on your first call and how quickly an optimal strategy is devised.

Yes. We started by becoming accredited as Certified Relocation Transition Specialists which focused on assisting seniors move. This was a deep dive into everything you could think of to assist downsizers when moving. Next was becoming certified as Estate Liquidators through the American Society of Estate Liquidators. It is here we learned all the viable options for selling and removing items from a home.

We have become the #1 referrer in the Western states to the Salvation Army’s Real Estate For Rehabilitation program. This program collects unwanted home items to support various causes in the community by the Salvation Army.

We highly recommend interviewing several agents to find the best fit for you or your family member. If you have already signed an agreement with an agent, it would be a conflict of interest to assist you.

No. All extra services are included in the standard fee. The homeowner is responsible for paying only for additional service providers, such as movers, painters, etc.

Our community partners pay us, which makes our services free of charge.

Get Started with the Savvy Seller Downsizing System