Donating usable/saleable estate items to charity is a wonderful way to take things you no longer need or want, and give them a second life with someone else who may appreciate and use them.  But how should you choose which charity to contact?   We recommend thinking about what type of items you have to donate.  We helped a gentleman that had recently lost his wife who had a wonderful collection of nice business apparel.  It was important to him to have these clothes go to the right charity.  We connected him with a women’s shelter that specialized in assisting women enter and prepare for the job market.  If it is general household goods you are looking to donate, the Salvation Army, Goodwill, and AmVets are all great places to start.   Most of the larger charities provide pickup services for donated items.  It is important to remember that the items collected are always at the discretion of the driver.  Charities do not want junk either.  An old couch ripped apart is trash.   Finding smaller local charity thrift stores is also a great way to go, it just requires a little more effort in research and delivery.  We suggest doing an internet search for your favorite cause.  Examples are: women’s shelters, young mother’s charitable organizations, charities for the blind etc.   If you need additional help finding a good charitable fit for your donations, feel free to reach out to us and we will share our personal favorites.