Estate Sales and Senior Moving Coordination

Liquidating a home after the loss of a loved one or planning a move for an elderly parent, is a very difficult, time-consuming and emotionally difficult job.

Home, furniture, documents, and a lifetime of possessions need to be dealt with.

Commonly asked questions are:

  • “How will I clear out all of this stuff …can I sell any of this?”
  • “Should I try to have my own estate sale?”
  • “Are there companies that could do this for me?”

Local liquidation services companies need to be located and screened including estate sale companies, real estate agents, movers, shippers, and estate cleaning companies.

Additionally, the time that is involved with handling all the arrangements means that you will need to rearrange your schedule so that you can oversee all the work.

Luckily, just one phone call to Blue Sky Estate Services will get you the help you need.

We’ll be your on-site advisor, freeing up your time for family, work, and life.

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